Window Cleaning in Liverpool: Residential and Commercial Services

Residential Services


Window Cleaning

A professional window cleaner in Liverpool will provide your house with increased light, enhance your property and free up precious time. Our experience in traditional window cleaning and water fed pole window cleaning means you will receive a service that is:

  • Eco-Friendly – Our pure water window cleaning system uses filtered tap water which is non-harmful to the environment.
  • Accredited – Certified by the British Window Cleaning Academy, Federation of Window Cleaners and more.
  • Convenient – Our 24-Hour service availability means that we can work on your property when it suits you at a time of your convenience.

Contact us now for a discussion on how we can make your home spotless with a window cleaning in Liverpool.

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Window Cleaning in Liverpool and Merseyside. House with clean windows.




Initial window cleaning in Liverpool and Merseyside.

Initial Cleans

There are a number of reasons you may have not cleaned your property for a prolonged period. In this period, without regular cleaning, properties can accumulate dirt, grime and mould. This accumulation makes removal even harder and is reflected in the price.

However, although the cleaning job may be two or three times longer, any extra charges can be deferred if a regular cleaning schedule is booked for year. A consistent schedule for window cleaners in Liverpool will ensure that your property will always be spotless.

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Builder Cleans

When renovations are carried out on a property builders, painters or plasterers will often leave hard to reach dirt on your windows. Removing this debris requires serious exertion as well as cleaning equipment you will not find in local supermarkets. As window cleaners in Liverpool, our experience and commercial cleaning equipment mean that we will leave your place pristine and in the quickest time.

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Builder window cleaning in Liverpool and Merseyside






House gutter, soffits and fascias

Gutters, Fascias and Soffits

Fascias and soffits are found on the edge of houses and help protect your home from dirt, mould and damp. When you clean your house, you may overlook the gutters, fascias and soffits. But, doing so, may cause bigger problems in the future. Leaves and other waste will clog your gutters. If your property is close to trees and woodland your property will require even more maintenance. To ensure that fascias, gutters and soffits do their job correctly they need to be clean.

The problem is, gutters, soffits and fascias are not always easy to clean. They can be in hard to reach areas, in awkward places or at great heights. Cleaning these parts of your house can be hard and sometimes even dangerous if you have not done it before. We do not offer just window cleaning in Liverpool: our professional expertise includes gutters, fascias and soffits and means that these areas of your house will also look spotless, saving you money in the long run.

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Commercial Services


Window Cleaning

We have cleaned the windows of a variety of commercial sites and premises over the years. Houses, flats, pubs, hotels, churches, schools, caravan sites, offices and retail and commercial spaces – we have cleaned them all. Our great expertise means you can rest assured that our service is:

  • Reliable – Our 65 foot long cleaning poles reach six storeys. However awkward, large or high your windows are, we will be able to clean it.
  • Safe – Accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, I.P.A.F. Cherry Picker Operators and more.
  • Discreet – Our water pole method of cleaning means that usually, we can clean your premises without disturbing you and your employees using ladders or cherry pickers.

Contact us now on how we can keep your premises spotless.

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Commercial window cleaner in Liverpool and Merseyside





Solar Panel Cleaner in Liverpool and Merseyside

Solar Frame Panels

Without proper maintenance solar frame panels can become dirty very quickly. Birds and other animals may also create nests and homes in the panels which further decreases their efficiency. To keep your panels free, clean and working properly, the only way is through regular eco-friendly cleaning and inspection. If you have a large number of solar frame panels this becomes even more important as improperly working panels will create less electricity, and in turn, less money for you.

Solar frame panels require certain cleaning products and a cleaning schedule of around 6-8 months to ensure that panels are working at the optimum rate. In addition to window cleaning in Liverpool, we also possess the know-how and the eco-friendly products to safeguard your solar frame panels and make sure that you get the most out of them.

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Shop Fronts, Signage & Billboards

It is essential that shop fronts, signage and billboards are pristine if customers are to respond positively to your sign or shopfront. To make sure your signage looks professional requires a professional service. Our experience window cleaning in Liverpool, means we have the skills to clean a wide array of shops and signs and can guarantee that your shop will be sparkling when we are finished.

For your convenience we operate 7 days a week and a 24-hour service. Naturally, we can clean your shopfront during off-peak times or at night, causing only minimal disturbance to your shop and premises. Get in touch to arrange a window cleaner in Liverpool to visit and keep your fronts and signage pristine.

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Store Front Window Clean in Liverpool and North West England.